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Let Light Shine Out of Darkness - #JusticeforGeorgeFloyd


How does it feel?

This is a question I find myself asking those I've talked to this past week. It’s a question we often forget to ask ourselves, especially now, when we are overwhelmingly subjected to so many painful images. Yet for myself, and so many like me, how WE feel has been suppressed and what we are seeing has been happening long before people were recording.

“A riot is the language of the unheard.” Martin Luther King, Jr

As an entertainer, blessed with a very diverse fan base, I normally stay away from political and controversial topics. However, this is something I must weigh in on, as it has affected me my whole life.

It’s not normal for me to be afraid of the police, but I am. It’s not normal for certain races to use calling the police as a privilege of power, but THEY do. And it’s especially not normal to watch a man die on camera, but WE did. And now all these feelings are being turned outward because no one took the time to understand how it feels to live in this state of normal.


It was painful to watch #GeorgeFloyd die at the hands of individuals assumed to serve and protect. Yet what hurts more, is the realization that this could happen to me. Being powerless to someone who can take your life without consequence is a fear difficult to put into words. Black Lives don't seem to matter as much as others and we were all reminded of that this week.

And I know some are quick to say things like All Lives Matter and Blue Lives Matter, but no one is saying they don't. We're just saying right now, we need you to feel what we have been feeling for too long. We need you to understand that sometimes Black Lives are treated like they matter less. Most importantly, we need you to acknowledge the problem we have in this country. It starts by understanding how it feels to be black in America.

So where do we go from here?

I don't think anyone has the answer yet, but I can say that love will always overcome hate. I know we are all hurting right now but I do believe that sometimes we have to go through the worst to become the best.

In an effort to do my part to bring awareness and positive change during these dark times, we have prepared a special #BlackLightEdition of this week's show. #PositiveVibesLive will be performing in solidarity with the #BlackLiveMatter Movement and all those protesting for #JusticeForGeorgeFloyd. A special demonstration of art will be provided during the jam by renowned artist, Derrick Design.

15% of all donations received this week will be donated to fund the movement. To RSVP click here.

To join our generous donor's list, you can give on the following platforms:

CashApp - $Jboykinsax

Zelle - Kymberly Boykin (tel:951-809-1014)

Paypal -

Or by mail - 1280 Nicola Dr, Riverside Ca 92506

Donations pay for the venue, musicians, and videographers needed to make this jam possible. If you are unable to donate please support by sharing on social and watching live.

Watch our last Jam above and tune this Wednesday at 11:45 am on Facebook and Instagram live.

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