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I know it's been awhile...

This past year and a half has left a lot to process.

If I can speak candidly about my own experience, life has been quite the rollercoaster lately.

Since the inception of my non- profit Positive Vibes, we have seen the normal highs and lows of any organization trying to stay the course.

That being said, after a much needed sabbatical we are back stronger than ever ready to spread positively and encouragement throughout our community.

Can you attend the Reunion Jazz & Blues Festival September 5th at Riverside’s Historic White Park?

It’s kinda crazy thinking back to when we first started the vibes live stream, I had envisioned ending the series with an in person event. With Gods intervention and a great support team, we are able to make that a reality with the Reunion Jazz & Blues Festival.

We are bringing something old, something new and something different to the city to reunite after a long year and half.

I have extended this personal invite to the people that supported me most when things were the hardest. I hope you will consider joining myself, Positive Vibes, Jay Lamont, the City of Riverside, and many more to celebrate a reunion of life before the pandemic.

We are currently offering an early bird ticket at $25 while we solidify talent and vendors. Once headliner is announced ticket prices will increase.

If you are interested in becoming a vendor or sponsor for this event, please email

I hope to see you soon.

J. Boykin

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