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Who are the Positive Vibes?


We are a musician-led movement committed to using our platform to raise awareness to support those in need.


Why Donate?

Your generous donations help cover the weekly costs needed to produce the Positive Vibes Jam.

We will also invest in the following:


* Music Production Equipment

* Promotional Material and Digital Marketing

* Website

* Production Assistant

* Sound Engineer



How We Vibe


* Educate viewers on cause awareness and resources.

* Encourage followers to share the music and message with others.

* Empower community enrichment and outreach.

Approximate Weekly Expenses Include:


- Musicians Payroll

- Video Team

- Venue

- Marketing + Branding

- Partnership/Awareness 


Why 10k?


We have established a working foundation and are ready to build our vision. The only problem, we are running out of money.


Prior to starting our GoFundMe, weekly donations only covered 20-30% of expenses. If we could receive at least 75% we would be able to grow our following to 20,000 viewers in the next 2 weeks.


And that is the reason we are asking for donations. If we successfully grow our platform to 20k weekly viewers we will be a greater asset to the causes we support. We want to make sure our movement reaches around the world.


Why this means so much to us...


My wife and started Positive Vibes while living out of hotels, just as the world was preparing for a pandemic. We were literally at the lowest point of our lives, and couldn’t see a way out. Like so many, we were not prepared for the impact of Covid-19.


We had no home, no money, and no idea that God was about to lead us on a journey of faith, perseverance, humility, and compassion. This movement is about paying it forward. We want to make people feel good while inspiring them to do the same for someone else.


We never knew how healing it was to be a blessing, changing our lives forever. Now we have a nice place to call home, a team of talented people we support and partnerships with causes we believe in... #LifeisGood


Join us in spreading positivity, love, and compassion around the world...


Any amount is appreciated and will go to employ musicians out of work due to COVID-19. Know a musician who needs help? Have them apply for our +Vibes Fund Assistance here.  



















A special thank you to the following supporters who have donated to our jam.


Reginald Dorsey 

Dr. Debra Barber 

Healthcare Fairy

Lodoun247 LLC 

Cathie Ball 

Collette Lee 

Janet Cousin 

Debra Wells 

Lena Kinney 

Cheryl Smith 

Barry Ingram

Ty Humphrey

Lowanna Owens 

Marty Winfield 

Deaconess Robinson 

Venus Edwards

Naeemah Campbell

Angela McKinney

Kim Kerlegon 

Cynthia Billingsbea 

Matthew Morgan 

Karla Augustine 

Stacey M Warr 

Raymond Dennis

Patrice Batiste

Linda Swearingen

Rikke Johnson

Kelvin Moore


Brandie Bridgmon 

Nedra Cooper 

Tracy Allen

Nancy Henderson

Destinee Moseley 

Great music is the result of artistic vision as well as collaborative teamwork. Every project we’ve worked on reflects this ideal. Here are a few examples of projects we’re proud to have participated in. Listen to some of our recent productions and get in touch to start working on some unique projects of your own.

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