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#GivingTuesday - Giving Good Vibes during the holiday

Updated: Dec 1, 2020

This Thanksgiving season we were inspired to help out by purchasing turkeys for those struggling this year.

While looking for those in need we received a message from a woman whose story moved us. She had been homeless for 4 years and finally, for the first time, she had a home to have Thanksgiving dinner.

Unfortunately, the pandemic left her financially struggling, so instead of giving a just a turkey we wanted to buy her dinner.

Her story, along with so many others is why we continue our #GiveGoodVibes Campaign. We are never aware of the path someone had to take to get where they are, and we can’t forget that everyone could use some help sometimes.

Our goal for this campaign is to encourage people to make someone feel loved through a random act of kindness. We have learned, through personal experience, that sometimes that’s all someone needs. A smile, a meal, a lifeline to remind them that they matter.

Help us continue the #GiveGoodVibes mission by donating here. We are raising money to host a toy-drive concert for those in need.

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