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Jammcard | The Best Music Networking App for Professional Musicians.

Updated: Jun 24, 2022

Welcome to the #MusicTech corner of LoveNotes©. This category will provide an unbiased musicians review of tech apps and services essential for musicians aiming to do the following:

Keep in mind that not all apps are created equal, and I appreciate you sharing your experience in the comment section below.


JammCard: In a League of Their Own.

I want to start by saying thank you to the Founder and CEO Elmo Lovano, for creating a unique platform, custom tailored to the needs of music professionals.

I wanted to feature Jammcard for my first Tech Blog, mainly due to its unrivaled vision for the future of professional musicians and technology. They are the pioneers of musician-focused networking, and provide effective solutions for its members.


Jammcard: All Around Winner.

Jammcard also referred to as the Music Professionals Network has successfully cultivated a proactive community of musicians, producers, singers, songwriters, directors, techs, managers, live/studio engineers; who have resumes out the door.

1. Invite Only - Jammcard has a highly effective vetting department, dedicated to maintaining the gold standard of talent among its members.

“We're focused on quality of member, not quantity. To me, there's a big difference in treating someone as a "member" vs. a "user," and between a private network vs. a public network.”
CEO, Elmo Lovano

As a member/musician, I have a great deal of respect for the apps exclusivity and limited access. As a member, your talent is recognized by your peers with mutual regard. The private platform also saves members time. For example, I know if I need a trumpeter for a session, I could choose anyone on the site without hesitating.

2. App Design

Another characteristic that makes JammCard distinctive shines through their modern, aesthetically designed app-only interface. I personally appreciate the platform being only available via app. Companies that only offer one user interface, can focus on developing a greater user experience. I believe this to be true for Jammcard, as their app is next to flawless.

3. User-Friendy

Once approved the profile set up is simple and wastes no time letting you explore all of its features. Members have the capability to:

  • Search, find, and build a band, tour crew or studio team

  • Network with professionals

  • Discover curated member spotlights, top upvoted players.

  • Stay connected with your community.

The easy to use search feature allows members a first person contact to working with artists like; Bruno Mars, Lady Gaga, Ariana Grande, Kendrick Lamar and Beyonce to Keith Urban, Rascal Flatts, Meghan Trainor, Katy Perry, John Mayer, Ryan Adams, The Mars Volta, Moby, and Chance the Rapper.

4. Direct Access to Opportunities of a Lifetime

Jammcard continues to demonstrate the power and influence of their network through rewarding member opportunities. Most recently, affiliates connected through the app to select musicians for the critically acclaimed "Sunday Service" hosted by musical genius and fashion designer, Kanye West.

Just like many of us watching Sunday Instagram posts in awe, I have not witnessed this live masterpiece in person. However, I know that similar opportunities are within reach through Jammcard and find joy seeing musicians thrive professionally, while doing what they love.


Jammcard: Beyond the App.

I have my reasons for putting so much time into this article, many have already been mentioned, except for the following two:

1. Providing Information to Fellow Musicians - I come across quite a few musicians struggling to navigate the internet, and as a result find themselves stagnant. This is one of the reason I started this blog, to share lessons, mistakes, growing pains, victories, game changers, and everything that came between. Just like Jammcard, we want to also develop a community that looks out for each other. If you are a musician who heard about Jammcard for the first time on this blog, comment below your name, what you do and why you think you would be a good candidate for Jammcard. I will provide 5 entries guided insight into applying for the platform.

Jammcard member review
Elmo Lovano is a professional musician, musical director, producer and founder of Jammcard, the Music Professionals Network.

2. Making it Matter - My favorite thing about the Jammcard app is the message and creative team behind it. The platform does not monetize or charge fees for booking gigs. As an entrepreneur as well, I was deeply inspired by Lovano's intentions. He created something solely intended to better the life of a musician. I have so much respect for his ideology and I am proud to be apart of the network.

For more information on Jammcard and membership applications, visit


Instagram: @jammcard

Twitter: @jammcard

Facebook: @jammcard

Jammcard member application

#SoundAdvice - “I’m not trying to have all the musicians in the world. I’m trying to have the best musicians in the world.”


Check out how I use Jammcard as a live EPK!

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