Jammcard | The Best Music Networking App for Professional Musicians.

Updated: Apr 11, 2019

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JammCard: In a League of Their Own.

I want to start by saying thank you to the Founder and CEO Elmo Lovano, for creating a unique platform, custom tailored to the needs of music professionals.

I wanted to feature Jammcard for my first Tech Blog, mainly due to its unrivaled vision for the future of professional musicians and technology. They are the pioneers of musician-focused networking, and provide effective solutions for its members.


Jammcard: All Around Winner.

Jammcard also referred to as the Music Professionals Network has successfully cultivated a proactive community of musicians, producers, singers, songwriters, directors, techs, managers, live/studio engineers; who have resumes out the door.

1. Invite Only - Jammcard has a highly effective vetting department, dedicated to maintaining the gold standard of talent among its members.

“We're focused on quality of member, not quantity. To me, there's a big difference in treating someone as a "member" vs. a "user," and between a private network vs. a public network.”
CEO, Elmo Lovano

As a member/musician, I have a great deal of respect for the apps exclusivity and limited access. As a member, your talent is recognized by your peers with mutual regard. The private platform also saves members time. For example, I know if I need a trumpeter for a session, I could choose anyone on the site without hesitating.

2. App Design

Another characteristic that makes JammCard distinctive shines through their modern, aesthetically designed app-only interface. I personally appreciate the platform being only available via app. Companies that only offer one user interface, can focus on developing a greater user experience. I believe this to be true for Jammcard, as their app is next to flawless.

3. User-Friendy

Once approved the profile set up is simple and wastes no time letting you