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Positive Vibes Jam | Music Makes The World Go - Unemployed. The hard reality for musicians #COVID19

Updated: Apr 28, 2020

Since the mandatory #stayathome order went into effect at the beginning of March, Musicians and others in the event industry have taken a major financial hit.

Cancellations and postponed gigs have left many without resources to support themselves. Government agencies like the California EDD are overwhelmed, making it difficult to apply and receive self-employed benefits.

Musicians, artists and gig workers are applying for unemployment due to coronavirus
The job losses for artists rival some of the industries hardest hit in the pandemic

If you have not yet applied for unemployment, check out this resource to help you with the process.


Although it may be hard to stay positive with everything going on, I hope to encourage those struggling the best way I know how - through music.

I was inspired to start the Positive Vibes Jam, initially for my sanity. One of the best things about my job is performing for people. I am blessed to be interwoven in the lives of so many through music.

Even so, the main inspiration was to bring awareness to the impact COVID-19 was having on musicians. I was experiencing first hand what it was like to lose income due to canceled gigs, and what it could mean for the future if the lockdown continues.

That being said, I wanted to do something for those in similar situations that needed to be reminded that things are going to get better. I didn't know if people would donate, but I wanted to make sure the musicians were paid regardless. What I did know is if I gave with faith, God would take care of the rest.

Our first jam, I made sure to pay the musicians up front and waited for people to give, and they did. Then the following week, we hired more artists and people donated again. Now we are preparing for our third week featuring new artists and I am so excited to grow this jam. I appreciate all the supporters who are spreading positive vibes through their generosity and viewership.

As a thank you, I will be giving the following incentives to donors:

  1. Donations for $15 or more will receive a free digital copy of my upcoming album S.K.A.T.E set to be released in October 2020 or a custom recorded song of your choice in MP3 format.

  2. Donations for $50 or more will receive $25 off a future booking, Mentor/Sax lesson, Song Feature + incentive #1

  3. Donations for $100 or more will receive $50 off a future booking, Mentor/Sax lesson, Song Feature + incentive #1

  4. Donations for $150-$250 will receive $75 off a future booking or Free 30 min private zoom concert + incentive #1

  5. Donations for $350 or more will receive a 50%-$100% discount on in-person booking subject to date, time, and availability.

To join our generous donor's list, you can give on the following platforms:

CashApp - $Jboykinsax

Zelle - Kymberly Boykin (951-809-1014)

Or by mail - 1280 Nicola Dr, Riverside Ca 92506

Any amount is appreciated and will go to employ musicians out of work due to COVID-19

If you are a musician located in SoCal and would like to participate in our jam, email:




A special thank you to the following supporters who have donated to our jam.

Reginald Dorsey

Dr. Debra Barber

Cathie Ball

Collette Lee

Janet Cousin

Cynthia Billingsbea

Debra Wells

Ricky Young

Kim Kerlegon

Matthew Morgan

Brandie Bridgmon

Venus Edwards

Karla Augustine

Destinee Moseley

Deaconess Robinson

Resources for Musicians in need:

I am extremely grateful to connect people who need music, with artists who love to play.

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In these convid-19 days, I am looking for positive vibes music and Now I am on the right place.


Really inspired positive vibes music, hope I will find more from your website.


What an amazing positive vibes, I hope you will share more positive vibes


Amzing article reading while stay at home in convid-19 days. Keep sharing good articles.


Completely amazing article! Thank you so much for sharing and giving a piece of good information.

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